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Greek general Themistokles leads the charge against invading Persian forces led by mortal-turned-god Xerxes and Artemisia, vengeful commander of the Persian navy.
After its victory over Leonidas' 300, the Persian Army under the command of Xerxes marches towards the major Greek city-states. The Democratic city of Athens, first on the path of Xerxes' army, bases its strength on its fleet, led by admiral Themistocles. Themistocles is forced to an unwilling alliance with the traditional rival of Athens, oligarchic Sparta whose might lies with its superior infantry troops. But Xerxes still reigns supreme in numbers over sea and land.
This sequel of an all-time favorite cult classic seriously disappoints: considering they had so much good going for them, they really blew the chance. For one, the plot is based on a historical episode &quot;Battle of Salamis&quot; which in fact, had a bigger role to play in securing Greek victory over Persians than the &quot;Battle of Thermopylae&quot; depicted in the original 300. <br/><br/>You might like this movie ONLY and ONLY if you have not seen the original 300. And why call this one &quot;300&quot; anyway? The Battle of Salamis was not fought by 300 Greeks but at least 10000– the title itself is misleading. And as you watch the events unfold before you, the inconsistencies start adding up and if you have an above average IQ, it WILL eventually kill your interest.<br/><br/>The sequence of events wasn&#39;t lengthy but within the first 10 minutes, the plot became clichéd and boring. I slept through the remaining movie except for 1 or 2 scenes. One might be forgiven for pinning the blame on Frank Miller&#39;s, he was unable to make the comic sequel (on which this movie is based) as interesting as the original 300 which managed to grab your attention within the first 10 minutes itself. <br/><br/>As time went on, the drama was rapidly unfolding before you and combined with an all-powering action, you knew that it would certainly head for a brilliant climax - the last stand of Leonidas and his men was EPIC of magnificent proportions. <br/><br/>Now you can&#39;t change the events of history but it was certainly possible to make 300: The Rise of Empire more interesting. You have to use a different formula. <br/><br/>The character of Xerxes was totally wasted on this one; I was done with him after the original 300 and in no mood to watch him again as this wasn&#39;t his episode!! In fact, Xerxes didn&#39;t participate at all in the Battle of Salamis and left it to his generals why devote so much screen time to him including over 10 minutes of background on how and why he became a God-King. Totally pointless.<br/><br/>Another historical inaccuracy: Darius I of Persia didn&#39;t die from an arrow wound in the Battle of Marathon but 3 years later peacefully in his bed. You can certainly take a few liberties when documenting history in a cinema but not so much that it distorts the original events. <br/><br/>Another inaccurate idea was the premise that Artemesia saw her family massacred before her eyes, got sold into slavery and was discarded to perish before being picked up by a kind Persian emissary. That&#39;s not correct as wikipedia suggests she was a Queen in her own right. Factually speaking, many Greeks were satrapies of Persians and were entirely devoted to Xerxes. The background of Artemesia has been filled with wild imaginatons and takes away the story&#39;s credibility.<br/><br/>The acting was tolerable at best and second rate at worst. None of the characters seem to be speakng their dialogs with any sense of conviction except for one scene where Themistokles blurts out &quot;we choose to die on our feet, rather than live on our knees!&quot; – I liked that one, the only dialog inspiring enough in a movie filled with bad writing. Only a bad writer can write something so unoriginal as:<br/><br/>1. XERXES&quot; Today we will dance across the backs of dead Greeks (yawn) 2. ARTEMESIA: I will attack the Greeks with my entire navy! (No points for that, genius) 3. QUEEN GORGO: Leonidas is dead THEMISTOCLES: Then avenge him (Wow, that was sooo original!!) 4. XERXES: Nothing will stop the march of my empire! (Enough already, I need my aspirin now)<br/><br/>Not a single dialog in this pathetic sequel comes close to the immortal line &quot;THIS IS SPARTA&quot;. Gerard Butler kicked ass as Leonidas none was disagree with that statement…whatever the actor was who played Themistocles, he seriously sucks. A truly forgettable performance.<br/><br/>As for Eva Green playing Artemeisa, to be fair, she acted well but the script let her down. Her dialogs were cheesy and totally lacked depth. Oh, they didn&#39;t forget to add a sex scene, but it was so corny and must have been played out a million times in C-grade porn movies…less said about it the better.<br/><br/>Was there anything redeemable about this movie? Hmm…difficult to answer but let us say 5 years down the line when you check on your DVD collection and come across a copy of the original 300, you will still want to see it again…I saw the original 300 probably 50 times and it&#39;s still as fresh. As for this pathetic sequel, it will soon be forgotten in the annals of history - the rubbish bin of bad movie-making.<br/><br/>Methinks the movie-makers of current generation have become a LAZY LOT…they lack the craft and ingenuity required in telling a good story. Now that would be an unfair statement, THE WOLF OF WALL STREET holds its own in this entire season of mediocre and over-hyped movies - another piece of drivel being Dallas Buyer&#39;s Club. Whoever likes that movie and this so-called &quot;300 sequel&quot;, please let me know so I can unfriend you on Facebook.
I am a big fan of the original 300. It&#39;s probably in my list of my top 15 favorite movies of all time. The art style, action, and inspiration you feel when seeing those guys fight and rip their enemies to shreds is just awesome. With it&#39;s cliffhanger ending, I waited year after year for a sequel and thought it would never come. Finally in 2014, we got the official sequel &quot;300: Rise of an Empire&quot;. I was a little worried about this film at first. How could they top the first one? More importantly, how can they do this movie without Gerard Butler, who was the quintessential Spartan leader? Well it turns out they did. And not only was this movie fantastic, but I almost feel as if I enjoyed it more than the original!<br/><br/>From beginning to end, this movie tells historical stories like no other. Fantastic cinematics, camera work, audio, and CGI that is actually enjoyable and doesn&#39;t take away from the filming experience. Even the sex scene of this movie was epic. These movies are very powerful and there wasn&#39;t a dull moment in this movie. More so than the theatrics, this movie has GREAT cast. Eva Green played the evil Artemisia so incredibly well that she practically was this movie. She so perfectly played that bad guy in this film that it was unreal. She is probably the most convincing, twisted villain in a movie since Ricardo Montalban did Khan in Star Trek II in the 1980&#39;s. She was just THAT good in this film! We also get to see some familiar faces from the first film, too, which was rewarding.<br/><br/>The only minor, little thing that makes it hard for me to give this film a perfect score is the following… although Sullivan Stapleton was great as Themistokles, his performance wasn&#39;t quiet on the same level as Gerard Butler&#39;s was in the original 300. From his muscular physique to his overall screen presence, I just didn&#39;t connect with this guy as much as I did with Gerard Butler. But he was still excellent in the film, and I don&#39;t blame him as much as the writers/director. They tried to cram a lot into this movie with telling Atermisia&#39;s side of the story, but it worked out well with her in the film. Although I normally complain that a movie is too long, though, this one I think could have been a bit longer to develop his character more, even by just another 5 or 10 minutes of film time. All in all, fantastic film. Eva Green&#39;s performance alone is worth seeing it over, she was a true villain in this movie. I recommend it whether you are a fan of the franchise or not. I took my 61 year old mother to see this for her birthday coming up and she also enjoyed it and typically doesn&#39;t like gory movies.
It’s all extravagantly daft, moves at a fair clip and is over before you expect it to be.
Events occurring after include Themistocles visit to Gorgo (where she is still mourning King Leonidas) and the Battle of Salamis.<br/><br/>The first battle that takes place in the 300: Rise of an Empire movie is the Battle of Marathon in 490 BC. This happens ten years prior to the events in 2007&#39;s 300 movie. Athens victory over Persia at Marathon, Greece sets the stage for the motivations behind Xerxes&#39;s transformation into the movie&#39;s fictional God King.<br/><br/>The second battle that occurs in 300: Rise of an Empire, the Battle of Artemisium (a 480 BC naval engagement), took place concurrently with the Battle of Thermopylae that unfolds in the original movie, 300. It was Themistocles who proposed that the Greeks attempt to stop the Persian advance by confronting them on land at the narrow strait at Thermopylae. Leonidas and the 300 Spartans undertook the task, which is chronicled in the movie 300, with the Spartans eventually being overtaken by the Persian forces. At the same time, the Greek navy attempted to block the Persians on the water in the Straits of Artemisium. However, they were forced to retreat after the defeat at Thermopylae.<br/><br/>The third battle in Rise of an Empire, the Battle of Salamis, occurs after the Persians have advanced and burned Athens to the ground. Like in the movie, Themistocles had learned from the mistakes he made in the Battle of Artemisium, realizing that Greece likely did not stand a chance when confronting the larger Persian navy in the open water. He figured out that if the Greeks were to win, they would need to engage in close combat with the Persians in straits that were narrower, such as those at Salamis. There, the large Persian warships could be outmaneuvered by the smaller Greek ships. Returning characters include King Xerxes, Queen Gorgo, Ephialtes, Dilios, and the Persian Messenger.
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